Brain Power for Kids

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Check out this article on

I thought it was insightful.  It includes ideas for you to help your children strengthen their brains.

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Articles I have written in the past month

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I did not post all of my weekly articles over the last month, so I will post them all now:

Pricing and Labor Cuts are not Strategies for Success:  Attracting customers requires a shift in strategy, not price reduction or cost containment tactics  02/15/09

It’s Not About the Money:  The economy grows when value is transferred, not just when money exchanges hands  02/08/09

Your Passion IS Your Success:  Pursuing your passion is the only sustainable path to success   02/01/09

Leadership Traits for the Father of the Board:  Following your passion is a significant part of being a great leader  01/25/09

Ask and You Will Receive:  The difference between marketing and sales is an important lesson for everyone   01/17/09

What do you need as a father?

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I just posted this in my Facebook group “Daddy Daughter Days.”  But since you are not all members, I am posting it here as well.

Okay, this is an informal questionnaire. All responses are welcome.

1) What types of products, services, information, etc. do you need as a father?

2) Mothers, you can tell me what you would like the father to know (be kind in your responses — this is a family channel:-) .

3) Daughters, what would have helped or could help the father-daughter relationship? Please identify the age group you are referring too.

That is all!

Thanks for the feedback,

Tony Bodoh

President, Daddy Daughter Days

Promote Yourself from ExecuDad to the Father of the Board

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Move from Success to Significance in your Professional and Personal Life.

By Tony Bodoh

Date Released: 01/10/2009

The most common question I deal with when I consult with executives worldwide is, “My company is successful, but how do I take it to the next level?”

My answer is always the same.

“Define the ‘next level’ and then tell me why you want to take your company there.”

From this point, the answers vary, but the sentiment is always the same. Every executive wants his company to grow and to be viewed as “best-in-class.” Executives want customers to think of their company first.

As I begin my coaching process I start CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Mental Security Systems for the Home

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Keeping a positive mindset can help your child achieve significance and success.

By Tony Bodoh


Can you watch television or listen to the radio with your child today and avoid the barrage of negative news regarding the economy, the war, or local tragedy?


At least you can turn the negative media off. What about your own negative media? Do you come home from work and spend dinner recanting all of the negative statements and stressful situations of the day?


None of us are perfect, but bringing home these messages can be harmful to the development and long-term success of your child. Children are open-minded and…


You can read the rest of this article by clicking here.


What successes have you and your children had this year?

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This morning I had the pleasure of spending time with my family reviewing our 2008 successes.  The girls, my wife and I all listed our successes and then took turns listening to all of the.m  After each success we celebrated and cheered.  Now I am going to post the success sheet with our vision boards so we can see what we have already done when we are working on a project that requires some faith and perseverance.

This exercise is simple:

1) Sit with your child(ren) and start asking them what they were successful at this year. 

2) Come up with some suggestions.  Don’t judge the response you get.  Most children have not been taught to celebrate success and others may see something “small” as significant. 

3) Write up the successes for each of you

You will likely have some teachable moments.  More importantly, see what you can learn from your children.  Watch the Howie Mandel video I posted yesterday if you haven’t.  He talks about how fatherhood has changed him and how he has learned about the ways of the world from his children.

Have a happy and safe new year!

Did you forget to give anyone a gift? Here is the answer.

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Did you forget to give someone a gift over the holidays?  Do you want a life lesson for your children?  If so, this article is for you. 

Close the Christmas Season by Giving One More Gift

Give the gift of thanks to those who supported you all year long.

The best gifts of this season for parents were the sights and sounds of joy from their children as they opened presents. The nervous anticipation of childhood turned to laughter and gasps of excitement in the midst of the sound of wrapping paper being hastily torn apart. It is hard to imagine a more rewarding moment for a parent.

It has been said that, “in giving you receive.” Neuroscientists and psychologists have proven the truth of this statement by comparing the measured… Read the rest of the article here.